Local Photographs – Swansea

Just following my passion for art is my passion for photography – I just love being out in nature no matter what, So I thought I would share with you some photographs I took this Saturday around the Swansea (Wales) area.

Swansea beach



Hope you like the Photos


Gorilla Painting – 90% Completed

Well I’m at the stage with this painting where I am just tweaking now – a glaze here and there, spending more time standing back and looking at it, than actually painting. Hope you have enjoyed the journey – seeing how I develop a commission piece.

All continue to twek then upload a new photo under good lighting so you get a better feel for him – love to hear anyones thoughts on him 🙂


Artists & Illustrators Magazine

Exciting news!!! You can see me, my recent paintings and also some of my new techniques discussed in Aprils edition of Artists & Illustrators magazine, the UK’s top magazine for art professionals, out the 1st week of March 2009

Hope you all like it – there will be a three page spread covering lots of topics relating to my artwork.

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Been Snowing Here

It’s been snowing here in Wales for over a week now, on and off, so I thought I would take the opportunity and get some nice snow photos yesterday – here’s a panoramic near my home.


Latest Painting Update

Not too far to go on this one now!

Hope everyone is enjoying watching it.