New Elephant Painting on the easel

Hi everyone I have a New Elephant Painting on the easel.

Here are a few photos of the preliminary stages below.

Hope you like it so far.

elephant-easel  elephant charge 3

elephant charge 4

Latest Wolf Painting, New Update

I have just finished the first detail stage – more on the wolf painting coming VERY soon.

wolf oil painting - wildlife art

Gorilla Painting – 90% Completed

Well I’m at the stage with this painting where I am just tweaking now – a glaze here and there, spending more time standing back and looking at it, than actually painting. Hope you have enjoyed the journey – seeing how I develop a commission piece.

All continue to twek then upload a new photo under good lighting so you get a better feel for him – love to hear anyones thoughts on him 🙂


Siberian Tiger – Painting the Details – (Animal Art Blog)

Lots more details have now been painted on the siberian tiger and all that is really left is some fine tuning and final details like whiskers etc and colour glazes. Note the above image is a cropped view – see more photos on my wildlife art site


and just in case anyone wondered, yes I do paint all the individual hairs – ha….