New Learn to Paint Ebook and More

Well many of you have been waiting patiently for the release of my NEW Learn to paint ebook, and it’s now getting much closer to completion. I’m currently working on the Composition Chapter where I explaine what makes a painting good, how to place elements etc

I have already completed the chapters on choosing the correct equipment, what brushes to buy (I only use standard brushes as many of you know – no need to buy MAGIC brushes like some instructers sell!) what paints to buy etc etc etc I’ve just finished my latest chapter concentrating on colour, which covers everything I know about mixing and matching colours !

The ebook started of as “oil painting for the Complete beginner” but as I completed those chapters I began thinking “well I just can’t leave this info out” and when I put that in I thought “well I want to include this too!” and now it’s kind of turned in to not just “oil painting for complete beginners” but “pretty much everything I know about oil painting!”

I certainly hope you all like it when it ‘s released 🙂

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and also my newly released Wildlife Reference Photos are still available from my tutorial site 🙂

Lion Painting Finished!

Well there comes a time in every painting, when my interest is starting to drift off and I know that is the time when the painting is done.

That time is now for the lion – I’ve really enjoyed painting this one, the light was a challenge.

I’ll put it to the side now and glance at it every now and then whilst I get on with my next painting – A giraffe in full landscape 🙂 and I might tweak it here and there, but probably nothing that you would really notice.

So here’s a couple of pics of the finished piece I just took – thanks everyone for coming along for the ride.



African Lion Painting – more details

More work on the Lion and more details added, as I finally enter the refinement stage – I’m now bringing the whole painting together as I put texture on the body and fur details on the face, hope everyone is enjoying a quick look in to my wildlife art world 🙂


Lion Close UP

Lion Close UP

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Lion Painting – Latest Update – Details

Hi everyone,

I’ve started to add some details now, refined the colours on the Lion’s body and shaped the form some more, but I’m going to keep the details down a bit on the body to emphasize the face more.

I’ve added some details to the mane and will now work my way forward, overlapping the fur as I go 🙂

No detail at all has been painted on the face yet, just under-paint so far.

lion oil painting


Learn to Paint – Tutorial – Lion’s Eye

I did this little painting as a technique demonstration the other day and thought artist readers of my blog might be interested in seeing a little bit of my painting process –

eye 1

Ok 1st image (above) shows the pencil outlines plus the very initial scrubbing in of some colour – burnt sienna and burnt umber / black

eye 2

This 2nd image shows the continuation of the blocking in, it’s a searching time ie I am constantly squinting my eyes, looking at the reference for the major shapes and tones and also colours. Constantly comparing one part to the next.

eye 3

Everything is blocked in now.

eye 4

Here I am just re-establishing the darks and touching up areas. But notice how the eye still looks lifeless at this point.

eye 5

Just the beginnings of a highlight and already there is some life starting.

eye 6
Here I have added more highlight, remember the brightest white dot is the sun so the lighter areas is the reflection of the blue sky, I have therefore made the highlight a light blue, not white. The sunlight that hits the eye also travels through the eye, so the area directly below the highlight is also lighter.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial – remember there are a lot more on my “Learn to Paint” website –