The completed Lion Painting – For Sale

Hi everyone,

This is the finished oil painting. Hope you have all enjoyed watching this one come to life.

If you are interested in purchasing the original or prints just drop me an email ( )

Next up, 2 medium sized Tiger portraits and then 2 VERY special Tiger paintings, I won’t spoil the surprise but they will be very different 🙂

lion painting for sale

oil on stretched canvas

Lion Painting – latest under painting update

Here is the latest update of the Lion painting, I have now covered most of the canvas in paint, just the mouth / nose area to do then I will start to refine the whole painting.

Hope your enjoying the progress so far 🙂

lion painting

16 x 12in

Please email me for sale details

New Lion Painting Tutorial – Art on my Easel

This is the latest Lion painting on my easel.

The 1st stage below shows my pencil drawing, it’s very simply done using just a regular graphite pencil, I have sealed the drawing to the canvas using W&N permanent fixative spray.

Lion Drawing

In the 2nd stage below I have toned the canvas with a thin coat of Acrylic Burnt Sienna, then when it had dried (approx 1 hr) I painted over the main lines, once again using Burnt Sienna Acrylic paint. I will use this loosely as my tonal map, helping me to easily see my lights and darks.

Lion Painting – Update

More basic blocking in of the body – now you can really get a feeling for the bright light coming across the body. Next I will start to work on the remaining unpainted areas of the body, which will show another change in the light – hope your all enjoying it so far 🙂