Tiger Painting – Original Oil on Canvas, for sale now

UPDATE 31 May 2013

The Painting has now Sold.

Check out my eBay wildlife art section to see similar prints and my newest small studies


Hi everyone,

Just finished my latest Tiger painting.

For this one I wanted to add some real punch by using a blue background, the complimentary color of the Tigers Orange fur. Hope you think it worked out well.

I have posted quite a few step by step photos as this painting developed on my popular Facebook page, please remember to click “Like” if you pop over there to see the photos or my other latest news.

Tiger on ebay

11 x 8in
Oil on canvas

Brand New Tiger Original for sale on eBay Auction RIGHT NOW

Brand New Tiger Original for sale on eBay Auction RIGHT NOW

Thank you to my friend Jennifer Nicolson for the wonderful reference photo use to create the painting

tiger painting

tiger art

New Tiger Original – For Sale – on the easel

Hi everyone,

here is my latest little painting on my easel, a beautiful adult tiger in superb lighting.
I’ll keep posting here to show the development – watch for this one for sale on my ebay page soon 🙂

Thank you to Tambako for the reference photo used in the creation of this painting

tiger painting for sale

Tiger Cub Original Painting – For Sale – Ebay

Thi ssmall tiger cub original is my latest for sale on eBay.com – just 24 hours left to win it 🙂

tiger cub painting for sale ebay

New Tiger Painting – For Sale – just 2 days remaining!

Just 3 days remaining to buy my latest tiger painting on ebay auction


tiger painting for sale ebay

Original Tiger Painting for sale on eBay – Just 2 days left

My latest Tiger (original oil painting) is currently for sale on eBay – it just has 2 days left, so if you have always wanted to own an original oil, but never thought you could afford one, now might be your chance.

As eBay does not have the massive commission prices of some galleries I can offer this original at a great price

tiger original oil painting ebay

10 x 8in oil
on canvas

Tiger painting eBay

Tiger Painting, Final stages

So…. after I did a bit more on the rock, I turned my attention back to the Tiger and I wasn’t happy with it at all really 😦

There just wasn’t enough light and vibrance in it, I don’t know how I let it get away from me, so I just got out a medium sized brush and brushed a more vibrant colour over most of it. I lost a good bit of the detailing I did in the previous stage doing this, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I just continued detailing to the end, even though it would possibly look OK’ish. It’s only paint, canvas and time right 😉

Then it was back to putting details on top

This is where it’s at now, I’ve put in the longer fur around the neck as well, so now I have to refine everything over a few sessions.

tiger painting for sale

Lots of areas need softening and I will do that by using a larger hog brush which will cover up some of the obvious brushstrokes that look too contrived.

So still a ways to go, but getting there, it’s at this stage I find that all of a sudden after 2 or 3 more sessions I suddenly think, Oh… it’s done! Like it catches me out – weird 🙂

The photo has boosted the whites a bit on the photo and burned them out. FYI