Want to Learn to Oil Paint?

Well… most of you know that I have sold my Learrn to Paint Wildlife in Oils Ebook / CD for a few years now  – and due to it’s success and the fact that I love to teach, I’m going to do a whole new series of e-books, but here’s the crunch!

For me to make them as good as possible I will need some help from you! yes You! I want as much feedback as possible from everyone letting me know what they would like to see covered in my lessons – the series will cover all levels from beginners who have never even picked up a brush, to my current level – as you know if you have already bought my current ebook, I don’t keep secrets, I share all the painting knowledge I have willingly 🙂

So whatever your current painting level, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts. mailto:jason@onlineart.f9.co.uk


Tiger Painting – Latest WIP on the easel

Well with the epic “The Great Migration” painting now completed, I have started a painting that couldn’t be more different. This new small Siberian Tiger painting is all about dramatic light, and in the photo above I am blocking in the basic form – searching out the colours and how each one relates to it’s neighbour.

approx 12 x 9in

tiger painting

tiger painting